Megan Hilty and Mari A were caught by Intouch wearing our poppy mosiac shift. They both wear it so differently that it's hard for us answer the infamous question - "Who wore it better?".

Who Wore It Better?

InTouch caught two leading ladies of television wearing one of our favorite prints - in the poppy mosiac. The Real Housewives of New York star Mari A. dresses keeps it casual with a pair of tall gladiators. Megan Hilty of The Good Wife dresses up with a pair of wedges and cinches the shift with the matching belt. InTouch voted, but who do you think wore it better? 

Lauren Conrad, the queen of blogging space of beauty, fashion, DIY, hosting, and life, features SHIFTS on her blog!  


Lauren Conrad wins when it comes to the online space of blogging. She's done an amazing job of building her empire, everything from beauty and fashion to hosting a dinner party and DIY projects. Today's blog post rounded up the blogger world for Lauren's Tuesday Ten. Each blogger picked their must have for Spring - one of them being Carly from BunBunBook. The Black+White Windowpane Dress was featured as a must-have which Lauren couldn't agree more! So excited to be featured on laurenconrad.com.


See what style edior, Colleen Kratofil, had to say about the Black+White Snow Leopard Dress from SHIFTS! 

We the People Love SHIFTS

Colleen Kratofil, Style Writer Report of People Magazine, raves about the Black+White Snow Leopard Dress from SHIFTS! Kratofil loves the versatility it brings to her closet, especially in between seasons. And who doesn't love the belt or necktime option! 
Read the full article on People.com

SHIFTS is featured on Racked LA! Take a peek at what they wrote.

Line We Love

Racked LA featured SHIFTS as part of their Line We Love stories! They get personal with the founders and discuss dresses, colors, and inspiration. If you wanted to get to know the brand better, here is your chance! Thanks Racked Los Angeles for interviewing SHIFTS.
Read the article to see the full interview on Racked. 

Maria Menounos spotted wearing SHIFTS!



Maria Menounos wore the SHIFTS in ivory to host her Sirius XM Radio show! See - we told you the perfect get-up-and-go dress for work! 

Kristine Agabaian from Kris Cherie wears the SHIFT dress in an unexpected way!


Kristine Agabaian from Kris Cherie wears the SHIFT dress in an unexpected way! The dress becomes a layering piece - over a shirt and under a vest, giving it an edge and a complete turnaround from the office look. Kristine wears the black and white snow leopard print dress unbuttoned which makes the whole outfit pop! Do you dare to wear it this way?  

(Photo Credit: Kris Cherie)

See how Champagne Lifestyle styles our SHIFTS dress!



Hannah from Champagne Lifestyle just gets it! She says, "I love a good shirt dress for the pure reason it looks so put together but makes for such a comfortable outfit", and thats exactly why this line was created!  Hannah wears the black + white snow leopard shift dress with the neck tie, paired with a camel handbag and slip on heels.  Professional and comfortable - what else could you want? 

(Photo credit: Champagne Lifestyle)


The fashionista blogger from The Everyday Editor couldn't have said it better herself! With such a crazy schedule as a stylist, she's always gravitating towards the basics in her closet to get her going as fast as possible with as little time spent in front of her closet.

Check out how she wears the SHIFTS dress and her tips on how to do basics on her blog!  

(Photo credit: The Everyday Editor)

The office of SHIFTS gets a visit from a very special guest..



The office of SHIFTS gets a visit from a very special guest, HOMEPOLISH.  HOMEPOLISH has become widely known for their innovated service for “personal interior design by the hour”. The brand helps interior designers meet future clients through their website which makes having the perfect home almost as easy as a click of a button. 


HOMEPOLISH gives a makeover to the office. They wanted the PR office that also serves as the SHIFTS home base to translate Cooper and Andréasson mindset while appealing to their A-list clientele. The designer assigned to the project, Stephani Stein, describes it as “a ladies version of Mad Men.” Stein incorporated pink and blush tones with a mix of structured and comfortable furniture to reflect the duos office lifestyle.  These powerful women now have the office space that is the perfect setting for brainstorming and creativity as they continue to take over the Los Angeles PR industry.

Getting a photoshoot together isn’t as easy as throwing on a shift dress, but it sure is fun...


 Getting a photoshoot together isn’t as easy as throwing on a shift dress, but it sure is fun. Take a peek at how we got our models ready and dressed for the launch of the SHIFTS Collection.


the founders

Jill Cooper and Sara Andréasson, the founders of the multimillion dollar pr firm, michele marie pr, travel constantly. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, clients in Paris, London, San Francisco, Chicago, the UAE and Honolulu (for starters) among meetings, meals, shopping, dinners and Hollywood premieres, they asked themselves, “How is one CEO expected to look fabulous through all of it?”  From there – the idea of SHIFTS was born. They’ve been major players in the PR industry for many years and now run a bi-costal office.  michele marie pr was recently voted in the top three PR Rocket’s 10 Best.

NOW Copper and Andréasson turned their attention to the professional woman’s busy lifestyle. The creation of the SHIFTS creates ease in picking out a power outfit in the early hours of the morning.  The colors and prints transition seamlessly from day to night, from the conference room to cocktail hour. SHIFTS is the one piece that every woman needs.

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